Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho...The Holly Bushes have got to go

This past March, my husband and I purchased my childhood home. The home still has most of its original landscaping. Yes, that is right...I've been looking at those holly bushes for a long time. I'm craving some color here to break up all the monotonous green. I was thinking even a small tree or shrub would be nice to take up the space left of the window. Here is what I have envisioned:

Chinese Fringe Flower or Loropetalum

I thought barberry bushes might be nice, but I really want an evergreen with color or seasonal interest. I've also thought of planting a Japanese Maple or a Mexican Redbud tree to the left of the window. Something silver or variegated might be good for more color or texture. The area gets mostly shade with some sun in the summer. I would love to hear any of your comments or suggestions. Please help blogger buddies and provide your advice.


  1. I have a Chinese Fringe Flaower, and I love it. Mine gets quite a bit of sun. I love it's color!

  2. RW - That was considered nice landscaping at one time. What direction does this spot face? How much sun?

    If you have sun, Knock-out roses are usually evergreen around here and bloom right through the winter.

    Japanese Maple is risky in our area, many of them died in last year's heat. Weeping Yaupon or the redbud would be pretty there.

  3. Lorilee - I've read that the Chinese Fringe Flower needs sun and pruning to retain its vibrant color and blooms.

  4. Shirley - The front of the house faces North. It gets mostly shade with a little of afternoon sun in the summer.

    I love Knock out roses, but I don't think this area gets enough sun.

    I agree, a Japanese Maple probably is not right for our climate.

    A Weeping Yaupon (love the form of this shrub/bush) or Redbud might go in the area closer to the fence.

  5. I have that problem, too. Not the holly, but some other shrubs that have been here too long. Not sure how long they've been here.
    We've only had this house for three years.

    Shade and deer narrow down the my choices. Not sure where you're located...what the soil is. We're shallow clay and lots of rock here.

    Good luck. I'll be interested to see what you decide.

  6. Linda - Luckily we don't have to worry about the deer. We will probably have to add some soil to this bed.

    In my case I think the overgrown shrubs date the house. I just love color and textures and I think it just needs something extra to make it stand out.