Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moth Mania Part 2

Is it just me or do the moths seem to be out in full force this Spring? Maybe it was the mild winter we had or all the rain, but I've been seeing a ton of them around the garden. When I first noticed this gorgeous pink month I thought it was part of the pincushion bloom. Upon closer inspection, I was amazed when I realized it was a tiny pink moth. I've seen plenty of moths before, but never a pink one. After some research, I was able to identify this moth as a Southern Crimson Moth. Seems they prefer Salvias and Sages.

This pink and orange moth is a Southern Purple Mint moth. Well, it was located pretty close to a pot of mint.

I couldn't resist showing you another picture of a Polyphemus moth I found in my garden a couple of years ago.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Plant Addiction

Hello, my name is Rambling Wren, and I'm addicted to plants. Isn't there some sort of 12 step program for this thing? I was only suppose to pick up one plant at the garden center. Just one mind you! Not only did I come home with a trunk full, I made a second garden center run. What is wrong with me? My husband said that I buy plants faster than he can dig the holes for them. I can't help it...picking out the plants is the FUN part. Duh! Here are just some of the plants I picked up.

This Eyelash leaved Sage, Salvia Blepharophylla, was calling my name. Who can resist those huge red tubular blooms. I'm sure the hummingbirds won't be able to resist it either. If anyone has had experience growing this salvia, please let me know.  I'm pairing this with a dwarf Coreopsis called, "Nana". I like the yellow and red combo.

Of course I had to pick up my favorite sage, "Black and Blue".  

I just love the vibrant blue flowers on this plant. 

Here it is....Number one on my "Most Wanted List". The Big Red Sage or also known as Salvia pentstemonoides.
 This plant is the trifecta:

1.) It is an evergreen and a Texas native
2.) It is drought tolerant
3.) It has gorgeous magenta (not red) blooms and the hummingbirds like it


A big thank you to Shirley Fox at  Rock-Oak-Deer for offering to help me hunt down this plant. I finally located it at Rainbow Gardens.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How does your garden grow?

We just planted our vegetable garden yesterday. Might be late in the season to plant tomatoes, but I was determined. My husband constructed the raised beds out of untreated cedar. The soil is a garden mix amended with compost. 

Here is the big reveal:

We are planning on filling in around the beds with decomposed granite.

We planted an assortment of tomatoes including: Brandywine, Arkansas Travelers, Cherokee Purple and Juliet.

Of course, I had to have some herbs in the garden. Can't wait to walk outside and pick off a sprig or two for whatever I'm cooking. 

We love to use this Pineapple Sage in a marinade for chicken. Apparently, the hummingbirds like it for the red, tubular blooms.

Love the smell of this chocolate mint.

We planted two Flat Leaf Parsley plants, one for us and one for the Swallowtail butterflies.

Can't wait to use these chive blossoms to decorate summer soups and salads.

What a huge improvement and accomplishment considering the garden looked like this just a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to my dear hubby for making my garden dreams come true:)

Friday, April 6, 2012

The 3 B's

We have birds....

We have bees....

But no butterflies...Until this gorgeous creature appeared. I watched as she deposited several eggs on the passionflower vine.

I'm always amazed at the miracle of life. Hope you guys have a Happy Easter.