Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall into Place

The Fall garden is starting to take shape. We have planted most of our veggies and herbs. Luckily, the early freeze did not do any damage. Thank goodness for Frost cloth! 
Here is a look at our  lettuce bed. I try to choose a variety of green and red leaf lettuce, however my favorite is Arugula. Just makes me crave a salad every time I look at this bed.

Variety of Lettuce

This is the first year that I decided to plant Strawberries. We will see how it goes since the local squirrels love to eat fruit. 

Sequoia Strawberry plants

There have been a ton of butterflies when the sun comes out and the temperature warms up. 

We have some new additions to the garden including this bottle tree. I'm sure it will be full of bottles after the holidays are over;-) 

Some of the new plants recently planted include a variegated Abutilon or Flowering maple. I believe this variety is "Thompsonii".

Also new to the garden is this Heartleaf Skullcap. 

The Beautyberry was planted this past Spring. The gorgeous purple berries disappeared fast thanks to the Mockingbirds.

The Agastache was added this past summer and it pairs nicely with the White  and Blue mist flowers in bloom.

The Pentas were planted last year. They behave more like perennials than annuals.

Bees just adore the Fall blooming Coral Vine.

 I just don't have the heart to pull up my Cherry tomato plants yet. They are huge and blooming again!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my garden.