Friday, May 31, 2013

Cocoon Craziness and Peace out

We have a total of five Passionflower Vines growing in our yard at the moment. I say, "at the moment" because of course I'm planning on planting more. The Passionflower vines serve as a host plant for the beautiful Gulf Fritillary butterflies. The first year I planted the vines I was so disappointed that there were not any caterpillars on them. Whoa! This year they have completely made up for it. We are finding cocoons everywhere! Seriously.... I've found them on the deck, by the back window,  the fence, the eaves of the house, the patio furniture, the back door, the kitchen window, the BBQ pit and the garage door. You get the picture. They are EVERYWHERE! You really have to watch were you step so you don't step on caterpillar searching for its perfect spot to transform into a cocoon.

One of the many cocoons I have found in the garden.

Several years ago I purchased a Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum. I've never been great at growing houseplants so I was hopeful this plant would last a couple of months. I was shocked that it has lasted this long.  This has definitely been the best $25 dollars I've spent on a houseplant. I'm always amazed when it sends up those beautiful white blooms. I also like the fact NASA named it as one of the top houseplants plants for cleaning indoor air.

Peace Lily

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

It has been a wet and rainy Memorial Day weekend. We were in need of some rain, however we just happened to get it all at the same time. Five inches within a 24 hour period is what registered on our rain gage. The rain helped us pinpoint the drainage issues in our garden. Some of our newly planted plants were uprooted. Even though we have long stretches of dry weather, we need to make accommodations for the flash floods. 

Today I went out to the garden to see how it was holding up.  I'm so grateful for the rain, even if it did cause some damage to our garden.

White Spiderwort, Shrimp plants and Crinum Lilies

 Redbud Tree

Red Penta

Purple Pentas

Lily of the Nile

Peter's Purple Bee Balm

Giant Coneflower - Rudbeckia

Gregg's Mist and Blackfoot Daisy

Red Pentas are dominating the garden right now.

Cosmo Flower

Serrano Peppers

Artichoke getting ready to bloom.

Sweet 100 Tomatoes

Hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy GBBD

I'm a day late, however I still wanted to join Carol at May Dreams Gardens for GBBD.  Here is a look at what is blooming in my garden in May.

 Lavender Lady Passionflower Vine

Spanish Lavender and Cora Vincas

Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily

Agastache Acapulco

Jewels of Opar

 Thank you Carol for hosting GBBD. I appreciate you stopping by and visiting my garden.

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Flowers

We are having a wonderful Spring in South Texas with some rainfall and cooler temperatures.  Usually by now we are sweating in our flip flops.

The Sages and Salvias are blooming, which have attracted the attention of migrating hummingbirds. 

Eyelash-Leaved Sage / Salvia Blepharophylla

The fuzzy, velvet blooms on the Eyelash Leaved Sage really draws in the hummingbirds.

Eyelash-Leaved Sage / Salvia Blepharophylla

Another plant that the hummingbirds adore is this Black and Blue Sage. I've seen  Black-chinned and Ruby-Throated hummingbirds enjoying these blooms.

Black and Blue Sage

Smooth Leaf Sage is a great performer in partial shade. It is currently standing at three feet tall in my garden and is covered in red, velvety blooms. 

Smooth Leaf Sage

The Bear's Breeches that was planted in the Fall has put out this beautiful bloom stalk. The foliage on this plant is outstanding, however it is my understanding that it might go dormant in the hot Texas heat.

Bear's Breeches  / Acanthus mollis

I thought this plant was so spectacular that I purchased another one. It is perfect for a shady spot.

Bear's Breeches  / Acanthus mollis

This week was a fantastic birding week. I can add Painted Bunting (male) to my list of birds I've seen around the yard. If you have never seen a Painted Bunting they are gorgeous and don't even look real. 

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!