Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Foliage Follow-Up January 2012

It was a beautiful day to get out in garden and snap some photos for Foliage Follow-Up hosted by Pam Penick at Digging. We haven't started landscaping yet, so this will give me a good idea of needs to stay in the garden and what might have to go. 

These Crinum Lilies have been in this garden for 30 years plus. They were a pass along from my Grandmother. These have such sentimental value to me so these are definitely staying. 

This is another pass along from my Grandmother. I love the delicate white flowers on it. I don't have an ID on it, so If anyone knows the name I would love to know it. Here is another picture of it.

I have a ton of Four o'clocks coming up from seed. They seem to love the cooler weather. They are starting to take over so some of them might have to go.

The impatiens I planted in a container this past summer are also loving this cooler weather. They seem to be doing well with neglect.

I planted this coral vine this past summer. I love the heart shaped leaves on it. 

Also planted this past summer was a bottle brush bush. There haven't been any blooms, but I still love the foliage. It kinda reminds me of an olive tree.

The diamond frost is still going after a long, hot summer. Here it is peeking through a spider lily.

I love this firecracker plant/bush. It is huge!! No blooms this past summer, but I love the fern like look of it.

This plant was difficult to get established, but now it seems very happy where it is.  Unfortunately, some of it might have to go. Here is a wide shot of it.

Gotta love annuals for some color. I love the gray and pink color on this kale.

Thanks for joining me in a walk around my garden. We have a lot of work to do this spring.


  1. You're firecracker plant looks great. I'm on my third plant now, and the one I have doesn't have much foliage. Apparently, I haven't found the right spot yet. What's your secret?

  2. Ally - Thanks. It took it a while to get going. It likes lots of sun and complete neglect. I think I over fertilized it in the early part of last summer. I'm wondering if this is why it didn't bloom.

  3. I love the old fashion plants like the crinums and four o’clocks. They make me smile. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  4. You have some great plants for the basis of your new landscape. Firecracker plant hasn't done well for me either. I'll try ignoring it and see if that's better.

  5. Lucy - Thank you. I love old fashion plants. They remind me of my Grandmother's garden. She rarely bought plants. She just planted seeds and went to plant swaps.

  6. Shirley - Thanks. I think they are good plants for the backdrop of our landscape. The firecracker plant seems to not like being fussed over. The more I water and feed it, the worse it does. Go figure!

  7. Some great plants! I just moved a firecracker fern from a pot to the ground...hope it survives. I love old fashioned plants, as well.

    Also, I am going to have to try your chili recipe on your previous post. It sounds delish!

  8. Amy - Thanks. Good luck with your firecracker fern.

    I love chili. Honestly, I never follow a recipe so each time I make the chili it comes out a little different.

  9. Wow! You have a lot still going on there. My coral vine, and Diamond Frost were frozen a long time ago. I think maybe you're a bit further south than I am.
    You do have a good start, for your new landscape.
    Is your firecracker bush the same as firecracker fern? I might need to try that....if the deer will leave it alone. I love plants that thrive on neglect.

  10. Linda - I was surprised the diamond frost and coral vine are still going. We are in SA and I don't think we have had a hard freeze yet.

    To my knowledge the firecracker plant and fern are the same thing. It is also called the coral plant. Here is a link to Dave's Garden if you would like to check it out: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/1334/