Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Butterflies, Bees and Caterpillars! Oh My!

After reading the Central Texas Gardener's blog post "Caterpillars to love with Meredith O'Reilly from Great Stems!", which mentioned the Spring Branch library's butterfly garden, I was inspired to visit this lovely garden this past weekend.

The weather was perfect and there were tons of butterflies floating around. 

 The bees were buzzing around everywhere. It looked like they were working over time.

Passion flower vines intermingled with a Hyacinth Bean Vine on a large teepee structure.

The garden, while not very large in size, takes full advantage of the space provided. It is very well thought out in design and purpose. 

 There is even a picnic table if you decide to pack a lunch. 
What a wonderful contribution to the community. 
To get directions to the Spring Branch library's butterfly garden, please click here.


  1. Gorgeous place, beautiful photos! That picnic table does look inviting enough to pack a lunch.

  2. Shirley - Thank you!! It was a perfect day for a visit.