Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tree Planting

A couple of weekends ago, we planted a tree in the front yard of our new home. The neighborhood has lots of gorgeous, mature live oak trees, so I wanted a tree that was different and would be the focal point of our yard. After some extensive tree research, I settled on a Burr Oak. Yes, I know the acorns are huge and it is a slow grower, but I loved the leaf structure, texture on the bark and the deep green color on the leaves. 

(Please excuse the trash cans and garden hose in this picture)

Even though the tree is small right now, I can envision it fully grown, majestic in all its glory in the fall. We are planning on installing a flower bed around the base of the tree. I'm thinking of planting some xeriscape type plants in the bed. Even though it resembles the Charlie Brown Christmas tree right now, I love my little tree. I can't wait to decorate in the fall with the acorns and wonderful fall colored leaves.


  1. I like your choice! I would like to make beds around our trees in the front yard. Less lawn sounds good to me, too!
    I love the burr oak acorns.

  2. Amy - I couldn't decide to go with the shumard red oak or the burr oak. We have oak wilt close by and the burr is suppose to be less susceptible. I just love the look of this tree. There is one fully grown in the neighborhood and it's beautiful!!