Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring is in the air

We have been getting some nice rainfall which is helping to green up the grass and rejuvenate the garden. It also comes in handy after the dry winter we have had. Hopefully, the precipitation will help the newly planted tomatoes establish a nice root system. The showers are one sign of Spring. Here are few more I have noticed....

Several bluebonnets have been spotted in the backyard and around town.

 The Sweet Peas are starting to flower.

The Cyclamen from last year are blooming.

My favorite sign of Spring though is Miss Wren sitting in her nest. 

Happy Spring!


  1. Lucky you to have received rain! None here so far but am hopeful that we'll get some tomorrow. It's dry as a bone out there. Love your signs of spring. There are a few here too...columbine and the globe mallow is happy. My best spring addition to the garden is the owl perched in the box. I'm so thrilled to have her!

    1. We still have some chances of rain this week, hopefully you will get some in your area. The owl in your yard is a fabulous Spring addition, I would be watching her 24/7. Love the sound of Owls hooting at night:)

  2. Miss Wren is so sweet! She has the ideal home. :)
    I love that we are getting a pretty show of bluebonnets this year. The oxalis in your previous post is so pretty. It makes me want to go out and get some for my own garden.

  3. Amy,
    Isn't Miss Wren adorable? She hatched out 3 babies and is one busy mommy now. The Bluebonnets have been gorgeous, I can't believe I actually had some come up in my yard:)

  4. So adorable! We had wrens nesting fairly close to our front door a couple of years ago, and every time anybody left the house or approached the front door whichever bird that was on the nest would go exploding out and fuss-fuss-fuss. We called them our watch birds.

  5. Wrens seem to think my greenhouse is a good nesting place. This was the second year for a wren to build a nest in a potted plant. I always worry about them when I close up the greenhouse when it gets cold, but somehow they do fine.