Friday, September 9, 2011

Wildflower Wish List

I've never planted wildflowers before, however this year I thought I would give it a try. Since we have had crazy, hot weather this summer, I devised a plan on when to plant my seeds. Now...if I could just have some cooperation from mother nature. 

My seed planting plan is this - Wait for at least two good soaking rains (Yes, I'm trying to be positive and assume that this will happen). Plant the seeds around mid October or the end of October. 
I will be utilizing the information shared by Toni at  Signature Gardens in her Fall 2011 Newsletter on planting wildflower seeds.

 My wildflower wish list includes:

California Poppy photo by Muller, Thomas L.

Dwarf Larkspur Photo by Bransford, W.D. Mrs

Pink Buttercups Photo by Bransford, W.D. Mrs.

Gotta have the State Flower Photo by Flaigg, Norman G.


  1. I am going to try again with the wildflower seeds. I was a little disappointed last spring...ugh.
    I would love to have poppies in my garden. Love all your choices!! Thanks for the link to Toni...very helpful newsletter.

  2. If you never plant, you'll never reap. It doesn't hurt to try. My experience--don't wait for the rains. Prepare your soil (or at least break it up enough that the seed will stick), put the seed out in September and pat it down.

    Pray, dance, sing, hope for rain. If you get any sizable fall or winter rains, good chance for wildflowers in spring. If no rain, many of the seeds may germinate the following year...because there will be rain someday and most the wildflowers you're putting out evolved in this climate. The ones that could take the conditions survived.

    Hoping you, and all of Texas, get rain soon.

    Thanks for stopping by Hill Country Mysteries and leaving a comment that I could follow back to find you here.

  3. Kathleen - So true. Thank you for the good advice.

  4. Stephanie,
    I love your list of wildflowers. I love love poppies, they are so vibrant. The only one that is missing for me are winecups. I love the purple color of winecups.

  5. But maybe they aren't wildflowers...

  6. Vronieca I love winecups as well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. THANKS SO MUCH for the link back to my newsletter!! I'm so glad you found it helpful! I hope your spring wildflower display is gorgeous! Just be careful, when the wildflowers germinate, some of them look like weeds! Be sure to remember where you planted them so you don't accidentally pull them. My neighbor one time, thinking he was helping me weed, pulled some of my wildflowers!! Wish I could get you some of my somnifera poppy seeds. They are so pretty!!

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  10. Toni - I've heard that some people mistake the seedlings for weeds. A master gardener told me her lawn guy was trying to be helpful and pulled up all her seedling. Thanks for stopping by.

    I'm going to try to get my hand on some somnifera poppy seeds. I think Antique Rose had some.

    Sorry for all the removed post.

  11. I usually have the pink buttercups trying to take over my flowerbeds in the spring.