Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall in the Garden

It is the most wonderful time of year to be a gardener in Texas. The 100 degree temps are gone for now and fall rains are very welcomed. The plants seem grateful that summer is over. 

The Lavender Lady Passionflower Vine has put out a couple of blooms.
Lavender Lady Passionflower

The Gulf Fritillaries are still doing their thing.

 The Eyelash leaved sage or Salvia blepharophylla has a couple of blooms on it.

Eyelash leaved sage

The Blackfoot Daisy is still blooming like crazy. It has bloomed continually since I planted it. 

Blackfoot Daisy

The bat faced cuphea looks pretty paired with the potato vine.

Bat faced cuphea

The Blue Mistflower is really putting on a show. 

Blue Mistflower


  1. They are all grateful, as am I! I've got to get some of the blue mistflower...the butterflies seems to go nuts over it. Hoping to get out into the garden today for a little fun ;)

    1. So true. It is like the plants in the garden let out a little sigh of relief after summer is over. The weather is fantastic. Makes me want to get out in the garden and plant something. Yes, you need blue mistflower:)The butterflies do love it.

  2. I love your passionflower vine - I have never seen the lavender lady beautiful! My blackfoot daisy looks like yours - I am also in awe of it...what a powerhouse. I have enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading regularly :)

    1. Heather - Thanks for stopping by. Blackfoot daisy is a powerhouse! They definitely want full sun. I've planted them in part sun/part shade and they don't perform as well. Thank you for the comment. Look forward to following along with your blog.